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Looking for the Right Person?

We have access to over 50,000+

top bilingual talents in Korea!


Our mission is to match the right person with the right position


Behind any great company is a team comprised of the right people working in the right positions. It is not merely a collection of individuals, but a group of people working together to create success. Helping companies assemble harmonious, collaborative teams is what rightpersOn KOREA does best.

Our extraordinary success is due to our unique approach to recruiting. Because our roots are in Korea and we operate with our partners throughout the region, we place special emphasis on forging close and long-lasting relationships with clients, with candidates, and with our staff.

Simultaneously, our approach is always practical, professional, and result-driven. Our client and candidate approval ratings, both well above industry averages, tell us we’re on the right track.

Making the correct matches between candidates and available positions helps companies and their people thrive. It is the result our clients seek, and it is the result we deliver.

Our Coverages

rightpersOn KOREA has a team of bilingual industry advisors and consultants with in-depth knowledge of target industries and specific functions. This ensures that we fully understand what our clients require and enables us to present candidates in ways that clients readily understand.

In particular, we have an excellent track record of working with multinational companies entering the Korean market for the first time and companies already established in Korea looking to start new businesses.   

We currently cover following industries and functions;


  • Manufacturing

  • Consumer & Retail

  • Life Science

  • IT & Telecom

  • Executive Management

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Human Resources

  • Supply Chain

  • Information Technology

  • Operations & Admin

Our Process


We follow below procedure to ensure that you hire the right person.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Discussing the available position and the company

  • Establishing professional terms and conditions between the client and rightpersOn KOREA

  • Finalize job description and requirements

  • Market mapping and candidate identification 

  • Candidate pre-screening

  • Submitting candidates

  • Preparing the candidate for interviews

  • Interview

  • Debriefing

  • Offer negotiation

  • Conducting reference checks

  • Finalize offer

  • Follow-up consultation

We provide tailored solutions for

various client demands

  • Contingency vs Retained search

  • Permanent vs contracts

  • Local search vs overseas search

  • Market mapping and reference checks

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