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About rightpersOn KOREA

Simon Sangho Kim 사이먼김 | Representative Director 대표이사 | rightpersOn KOREA 라이트퍼슨코리아

Message from the Representative Director, Simon S. Kim


                                      It is my pleasure to introduce rightpersOn services to Korea.

                                      rightpersOn KOREA inherited its business from a multinational recruitment company that opened its Korean offices

                                      in December 2012. An integral part of the company’s strategy was to expand worldwide and particularly in the Asia-

                                      Pacific region and Korean office opened in the region after establishing offices in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and

                                      Australia. rightpersOn KOREA grew from this company and eventually became an independent consulting

                                      recruitment agency. Despite our independence, though, we have maintained the previous company’s way of doing

                                      business, its philosophy, and its orientation toward global culture, and we will continue serving clients and candidates

                                      we have worked with over the last five years.

                                      Korea is recognized as one of the world’s most vibrant economies and offers endless opportunities to both companies and professionals. RIGHTPERSON KOREA is committed to meeting the needs of corporate leaders and talented professionals in this strong, competitive business environment.

With the relaunch of the Korean office, we hope to further enhance our record of success in both Korea and the region by fitting the recruiting requirements of our clients to the right candidates. We will continue partnering with regional businesses who have firmly established themselves in the region as trusted partners for the world’s market leaders in the most competitive markets. We, rightpersOn KOREA, with the know-how and proven success of our previous company, are privileged to continue providing our renowned service in the recruitment industry.

At the core of our mission are three values: Performance, Professionalism and Personal Trust. We strongly believe these core values are crucial elements in the formula of success for both companies and professionals. With our deep insight into both people and business practices, we will provide you with customized services to meet your diverse requirements, grow your businesses, and further develop your careers.

Whether strengthening your organization or preparing for your next career challenge, we are here to help. Our team of experienced consultants at rightpersOn KOREA looks forward to working with you to match the right person with the right position.

Company Milestones & Achievements


2012. 12    Company established; international and domestic recruiting licenses acquired
2013. 04    Began building on three business territories: Manufacturing & IT / Life Science / Consumer
2013. 12    Launched Nikkei Desk
2014. 05    Manufacturing Team launched
2015. 01    IT/Telecom Team launched
2015. 04    Finalized Four-Team structure for the company: Manufacturing, Consumer, Life Science, IT/Telecom Team
2016. 04    Deployed next-generation client-candidate matching system
2017. 05    Simon S. Kim separates the Korean entity from the original recruitment company
2017. 10    The company rebranded to "rightpersOn KOREA Inc.


  • Concluded over 300 terms and conditions with multinational and local companies operating in Korea

  • Successfully placed over 300 candidates  with multinational companies in Korea and other Asia Pacific markets

  • Handled over 1,700 jobs and sourced over 30,000 top-quality candidates

  • Forged strong business partnerships with principal recruiting agencies throughout the Asia-Pacific region

Join us


Interested in developing yourself as a successful recruitment Consultant? Bring us your dedication and commitment, and we will give you the tools to become a first-class professional recruiter. Send us your resume, and we will contact you as soon as possible. 


If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us!


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